Wednesday, December 27, 2006

6 Proven Website Strategies for Internet Entrepreneurs

By Matt Bacak

Your Internet business website is the engine of your Internet business. You can’t move forward if you don’t have a website up and running. Following are website tips that Internet entrepreneurs of any level should follow. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the Internet business world or if you have logged in successful sales. You can always tweak your website to make it more effective.

Website Strategy #1: Forget what your Web Designer said! A Web Designer may make beautiful websites, but normally these types of websites are not effective in Internet business. Instead, you should follow the example of successful Internet entrepreneurs. You will see that their websites are much more toned down, which has proven to increase sales.

Website Strategy #2: Avoid using Java and Flash on your Internet business website. Java and Flash are unnecessary and can cause viewing problems for some website visitors. The last thing you want is for an Internet visitor to come across broken links because their Internet browser has trouble with Java and Flash.

Use straight HTML. Hyperlinks are easy to create. HTML is viewable in nearly all web browsers and loads quickly. You want to make your website easy to navigate through for the website visitor.

Website Strategy #3: Avoid using audio and video files on your Internet business website. Also avoid using several graphics. All of these have large file sizes and take a significant amount of time to load. Website visitors will become impatient and click off your page.

Note: If you do use graphic files then make sure to compress their file size. You can compress the file size of the graphics because you don’t need to have photo quality.

Website Strategy #4: Create a powerful, eye-catching header. Seek out a graphic designer that can create an effective header.

Website Strategy #5: Use headlines and direct response copy writing on all your websites. A great headline will catch the attention of a website visitor. If you decide to place a picture with your headline or on your website, make sure that the picture prompts the visitor to then read the headline or accompanying text.

Website Strategy #6: The purpose of your squeeze page is to generate leads. Your squeeze page must contain copy that prompts the visitor to subscriber to your list. Make sure that you also focus on driving traffic to your squeeze page.

Follow these strategies and you are well on your way to a thriving Internet business website.

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